What is the Difference Between Regular and Airbrush Makeup?

This is actually one of the most asked question I get from clients. I cannot emphasize enough that airbrush is definitely a must-have for brides and special events! Not only is it flawless looking both in person and in photos, it is also rub-resistant and water-resistant.


What kind of airbrush makeup do you use?

I use Temptu airbrush products. This not only includes foundation application but also blush, bronzer and highlight & contour.


Airbrush makeup is rub resistant and water resistant

Airbrush makeup makes it an ideal makeup choice for brides. Have a wedding during the hot summer months? Know your big day is going to be a teary one? Have faith that airbrush will survive all of those big moments.


Airbrush makeup can cover blemishes and problem skin such as cystic acne, birthmarks and port wine stains

I have helped so many clients over the years look flawless on their big day with airbrush makeup while looking super natural. It will provide very full coverage and photograph well!


It will even cover tattoos!

I have covered tattoos of all shapes, colors and sizes! With proper care, a tattoo cover can last over a day. This means it can be applied the night before a special event or wedding with proper care.


Removing airbrush makeup

Use a makeup remover such as an oil cleanser to take off any silicone -based airbrush makeup on your face. For a tattoo cover, use rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove the alcohol based makeup.

Hope that this answers all of your questions! Please reach out to me here if you have any other questions or would like to book any services.