A Makeup Artist's Advice For A Successful Wedding Trial

Wedding season is in full swing! I have worked on many brides in ceremonies big and small. Whether you are a bride with an upcoming wedding or helping a loved one plan their special day, here are some tips to get the most out of your trial.

1. Get airbrush makeup for the big day - it's worth it

Airbrush makeup is rub resistant and water resistant, which makes it more bulletproof for hot climates. It will be sure to survive the tear-jerking moments during your ceremony and will prevent makeup streaks from going down your face! We use Temptu brand airbrush makeup and it can cover up anything from birthmarks, tattoos, cystic acne and scarring without looking cakey. Make sure you exfoliate your face prior to your appointment and only use a small amount of moisturizer!

2. Bring a photo of yourself at a formal event

This will give your makeup artist an idea of your personal style and how you normally like to do your own makeup when you are getting ready for a special event.

3. Have a list ready for your artist of what you want and don't want

It's totally fine if you aren't exactly sure what you want yet for your big day, but come prepared with an idea of some looks that you are sure that you would be interested in. Also communicate with your artist on makeup looks and hairstyles you know you don't want to make an efficient use of your trial time. The more specifics you have as to what you want and don't want, the better chance you'll have a successful trial.

4. Bring photos!

Do you have a Pinterest board of your wedding details? Did you screenshot photos of the updo you want? Make sure to show these to your artist! Your wedding is all about you - they will want to know what smallest details matter to you to make this as much of a personal experience as possible. Show us what your bouquet will look like, and don't forget the dress, shoes and accessories!

5. Have everything prepared before your trial!

Communicate with your artist and start sending them your ideas and wedding details before the time of your trial. If you have an elaborate hairstyle, or a specific eye makeup look we want to be able to take the time to look at everything to be prepared for your appointment. Trust your artist! They are experts at what they do and their professional opinion will help you look picture perfect for your special day.