Worried that your tattoos will distract from your wedding dress? Will your grandma get upset because she has no idea you have tattoos? Do you have some scarring from a surgery or accident you'd like to be covered? Don't worry, with help from Maria Lee, your tattoos or imperfections can be airbrush camouflaged and your skin will look flawless! The alcohol-based makeup will not rub off or get onto clothing. The makeup can also last overnight so it can be applied the day before your event. A trial must be done prior to your event to make sure you are satisfied with the results and there is no reaction to the makeup. During the one hour trial a portion of your tattoo or scarring will be covered and the cost is $125.

Area to be covered plus at least 3 inches around the tattoo or scar must be waxed or shaved at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. After event, makeup must be removed with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth or cotton balls. Wash off with gentle body wash and then moisturize skin for best results. For an estimate, please email the date of your event, the time you need to be done by, and pictures of tattoos or scars/imperfections to For full portfolio, please click here.