Water-resistant and rub-resistant airbrush makeup

Please note: Prior to your appointment, you must shave or wax the entire area to be covered plus at least a 3 inch radius outside of the area. If you choose to get waxed, please shave over the entire area afterward since patches are often missed by the esthetician. Sometimes the hair is not apparent until the airbrush makeup is sprayed onto it so it's very important that every square inch of the area is free of hair. You don't want random furry patches!

If you are planning on getting a spray tan in addition to an airbrush tattoo / blemish cover, please make sure to follow this order of services and allow 2-3 days total. 1) hair removal, 2) spray tan & wash solution off, 3) tattoo / blemish cover.

This water-resistant and rub-resistant airbrush makeup will not transfer onto clothing. It can be removed with either rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Airbrush tattoo makeup cover is not durable on surfaces that are not smooth. This includes joints like knuckles, elbows, or knees. For best results, please refrain from having anything tight against the makeup. This includes tight clothing including bra straps, heavy purse straps or anything else that may crack or peel the makeup. Please contact Maria Lee with any questions.