SF / LA (Up to 3 hours) $295

(For Hairstyling and Male to Female Makeup lessons, please click here)

Treat yourself to a makeup lesson by Maria Lee. Make-up knowledge and skills are empowering! You will be taught proper makeup application by watching Maria Lee apply makeup on one side of your face and then you will be able to match what she has done and apply makeup to the other side. Each hands-on lesson includes:

1) Optional skincare evaluation
2) Review of your own make-up products
3) Suggestions on whether or not your products are worth keeping based on quality, your skin-tone / hair color and desired image
4) Thorough step-by-step face chart
5) list of recommended products from various cosmetic lines based on your specific needs
6) recommendations for best places to purchase new products and/or optional in studio shopping to save on time.

Please click HERE for more info and what to bring to your appointment.